NEBRASKA CITY – A Nebraska City life skills teacher has been charged in Otoe County with felony child abuse this fall.

Court records say the teacher has been working with a student since he was in sixth grade. The student is described as autistic with a history of heart issues and seizures due to a genetic defect that affects his brain. Due to his heart condition, he is directed to rest when tired.

Police sought an arrest warrant for the 50-year-old certified teacher on allegations that she placed the student in a situation that endangered his physical and mental health at the Nebraska City High School.

 Police say the teacher directed the life skills student to mop a floor for 30 minutes and walk stairs despite his objections.

An incident is described in the police affidavit when the student would not stand as directed, so the teacher tipped the chair forward. She told other staff the tip would normally cause the student to stand, but this time he dropped to the floor. The teacher is accused of accidentally stepping on the tip of his finger while he was on the floor.

The affidavit says balls were thrown at the student during PE class and he was made to lift soda cases while the life skills class stocked a school concession stand.

It says the teacher ordered the student to participate in a scheduled PE activity or walk laps. She is accused of pushing the student after ordering him to get moving.

The affidavit alleges an environment of ridicule for the student.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled Feb. 1.