OMAHA -- "At first, I didn't believe it, and when I dropped the twenty, I got very excited!"

Lobo 99.7 listener Margarita said that she signed up for the radio station's promotion at Carnicería El Pueblito for the first time this year. She said it was a "miracle" that she turned out to be the station's first winner, especially since she already had the day set aside to hang out with her friends and family.

"We had planned to meet up. We were completely surprised and when I told my friends, they were all very excited."

So, accompanied by Margarita's loved ones, Lobo 97.7 announcer Jorge Rosas was in charge of preparing the meat courtesy of "El Pueblito Carnicería".

Jorge cooked hamburgers and hotdogs that the guests enjoyed with sauces, onions, and jalapeño peppers.

But what Margarita did not expect was being able to enjoy live music by Los Inalámbricos de Guanajuato.

"I didn't know I was going to see live music, but it's all the better. More excitement!"

Between rancheras and cumbias, the diners improvised a track and danced nonstop between the tables.

There are still three of these events, Carne Asadas, left for the month of July. So, Margarita encourages Omaha's Hispanic community to sign up for the best-roasted meat of the summer, courtesy of her friends at Lobo 97.7 and Telemundo Nebraska.

"Participate, sign up! [...] I'm a lucky winner. Sign up, go and fill out your paper. It doesn't take even ten minutes. But do it and participate."

If you want to enjoy a party like Margarita's with the announcers of Lobo 97.7, you still have time to register until July 20.

You can register on contests or also at El Pueblito Carnicería in Omaha and Lincoln, or at any of the locations of Supermercado Nuestra Familia and Abarrotes Nenas.