(Peru, Neb.) – After having a great start to their year, the Peru Association of Student Athletes (PASA) saw the year come to a screeching halt due to the corona virus.
However, that did not stop PASA from still participating in the College's Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and other community service events over the last couple of months.
In addition, the student-athlete liaison group was forced to conduct its annual election of new officers via email using a ranked voting procedure allowed by parliamentary rules.
Those elected to serve as the leaders for the 2020-21 year are Chair – Vivian Brown (Wichita, Kan.), Vice Chair – Maddy McPhillips (Omaha), and Communications/Secretary – Jaxson Balm (Auburn).

 All three leaders will be senior academically next year.
Brown, a member of the women's golf team, was pleased to learn of the election results. She stated, "I am excited to lead the Peru Association of Student Athletes next year! We are already starting to plan things for next year and I can't wait for the new additions of our new sports to our team." 
A member of the women's basketball team, McPhillips commented, "I am honored to be voted as Vice Chair by the other PASA members as well as super excited for the upcoming school year. I think that Vivian, Jaxon and I will collaborate well to really help PASA have positive engagements and impacts on our campus. With it being my last year at Peru, I plan to give it my all and make some big things happen."

 Like his fellow officers, Balm was excited to learn of his selection. Balm noted, "I am honored to be selected as the Communications Secretary for PASA. I am ready to start planning events with the other officers, so we can continue to pave the way for Peru State Athletics! We have a great group of student athletes and I am beyond excited for this coming school year!"
The three leaders will work with co-advisers, Dr. Spencer Vogt – the athletic department's faculty athletic representative, and Ted L. Harshbarger – associate athletic director/sports information, to begin planning for the 2020-21 calendar year.

 One of the initial efforts will be to look at revising PASA's bylaws in order to include members of the new sports teams to which Brown referred. Peru State is adding men's cross country, men's bowling, women's bowling, and dance to its list of varsity sport programs.
In addition, the group will set goals which will help the athletic department potentially reach a gold Champions of Character award for the third-straight year.