NEBRASKA CITY -  Mayor Bryan Bequette recognized retiring police chief David Lacy and his family at Monday’s city council meeting with a tribute he wrote and a proclamation.

The mayor said coming from a military background and being a police officer’s son he knows in a profession like law enforcement the person wearing the uniform can’t do it year after year without the support of someone on the homefront.



Bequette: “My simple thanks are not enough given your many sacrifices over the years. However, please know how much I understand that you are your fellow law-enforcement spouses are the true unsung heroes in every community.”

The other four city commissioners joined Bequette, the commissioner of public safety, in reading a proclamation.

Bequette: “The council thanks Chief Lacy for his steadfast commitment to keeping Nebraska City a safe and secure community during his 43-year career and to his  unwavering dedication to the residents, the police department and city of Nebraska City. “



Lacy joined the police department in 1981 and Mayor Joe Dee Adelung swore him as police chief in 2006. Adelung congratulated Lacy at Monday’s meeting from remote video.

Chief Lacy made remarks about the important values the Nebraska City community taught him and the importance of understanding the people police encounter.

Cpt. Lonnie Neeman was appointed interim police chief.