NEBRASKA CITY – Employees at the Otoe County Courthouse observed Patriot Day Monday with moments of silence and ringing of the courthouse bell.

Otoe County Assessor Christi Smallfoot organized the observance for all the lives that were lost on that day, including innocent civilians and first responders.

Nearly 3,000 were killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, as well as the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93.

Smallfoot said it’s good for Americans to observe Patriot Day.


Smallfoot: ““I’m a patriot. I believe in America. I think it’s an awesome country and I think it’s very commemorative to remember what this is all about and how much people sacrifice just so we can be  here and do the things we do every day.”

She described 9/11 as a surreal, tragic and heart-wrenching day.

County Commissioner Jared Sornson rang the bell after the minute of silence.


Sornson: “I think it’s important for everybody to observe it. The last couple of years it has been on the weekend and we haven’t been able to do it at the courthouse, so a lot of the employees came to us as a board and asked it they could observe it at the certain times 9-11 happened – at four separate times. We said absolutely. We think it’s wonderful that they wanted to participate.”

Bells also tolled at ground zero today to observe the 22nd anniversary of of 9/11. Vice President Kamala Harris joined a ceremony at the trade center.

Moments of silence were observed:


  • 8:46 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #11 collides into the World Trade Center
  • 9:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #175 collides into the World Trade Center South Tower
  • 9:37 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #77 crashes into the Pentagon
  • 10:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #93 crashes in Shanksville, PA