FALLS CITY – A Richardson County judge is considering the legal standing of criminal charges against 59-year-old Retta Feldkamp.

Richardson County Attorney Samantha Scheitel charged Feldkamp with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, but motioned for the court to seal an affidavit by Sgt. Zachary Ractliffe to support her detention in jail.

Defense Attorney Allen Fankhauser has challenged her arrest citing an Indiana court ruling that say a woman could not be forced to unlock her cell phone so police could look through it.

Fankhauser said Deputy Ractliffe opened Feldkamp’s phone without a warrant and says another deputy told her she did not need an attorney. The defense says deputies questioned her about her password before she was read her rights.

The judge has delayed a separate case indefinitely while she takes Fankhauser’s motion to suppress under advisement.