NEBRASKA CITY – City commissioners approved a $50,000 growth fund grant for Hypercolor’s filming of the movie “Snack Shack” under the direction of Adam Rehmeier in Nebraska City.

Dan Mauk of Nebraska City Area EDC said the movie would be filmed primarily in Nebraska City and much of its $4 million budget would impact the local economy. The state of Nebraska has contributed a $200,000 grant.

Mauk: “It will bring a lot of notoriety and some awareness. It will be like a huge advertising campaign for the town that we all know and love.”

Rehmeier, who is known for movies Dinner in America, The Bunny Game and Jonas, said Snack Shack is semi-autobiographical and is set in the summer of 1991 when he and a friend ran the concession stand at the Nebraska City swimming pool.

Rehmeier: “I’m just really happy to be shooting something in my hometown, where I’m from and to make it as authentic and realistic as possible.”

They expect a crew of 50 plus and plan to include locals in the cast, as well as extras in the backgrounds.



Rehmeier: “The incentive to go do this in Georgia or Ohio – a tax incentive state where you’re going to get a third of your budget back – we could do that. We could do that in a New York minute, but the fact is none of those things emotionally resonate with me like this town resonates with me."

He spoke with city commissioners along with producer Jordan Foley.

Rehmeier: “I had to weigh that with my producers. For them it’s a numbers game. For me, it’s an emotional game. This is where it needs to be to make it special.”

They plan to build a small snack shack at the Steinhart Aquatic Center. Swimmers using the pool over the eight days of filming at that location will be asked to sign a release. Young swimmers will have to have a parent sign.

Locals will be invited to participate in casting and others will be extras in the movie.

Rehmeier: “In Nebraska City we’re going to have to recreate ’91 and what is looked like then, some modifications to signage and some modifications obviously to clothing, no cell phones, all the above.”

City Administrator Lou Leone vouched for the storyline.

Leone: “Adam and Jordan gave me the opportunity to review the script, to make sure the city was being held in a good light and I can confirm when they say it truly is a love letter to the city.”

Rehmeier said the idea for production is to be as invisible as possible.

Rehmeier: “If feel like Nebraska City is almost a character in this movie. For people who live here there are so many nuances of Nebraska City that are baked into this that they are going to be like, oh my God, I totally forgot about that.”

Rehmeier’s movie Dinner in America premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020 and was released in the United States this spring. He called the current project a step up for his career.