AUBURN  - Julius Judy, 61, of Auburn was sentenced to 18 months probation Wednesday for attempted possession in October.

Court records say the Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at a J Street residence and found a plastic bag containing methamphetamine. Based on Judy’s cooperation with deputies, his Westbury Heights apartment was also searched. A pipe with meth residue was found there.

Nemaha County Attorney Angelo Ligouri said Judy was caught by surprise when deputies arrived at the J Street residence, but was cordial with officers.

Judy told Judge Julie Smith he will use probation as an opportunity to move forward and stay out of trouble.

State probation alleged a probation violation after Judy’s 2023 arrest.

His former wife, 53-year-old Shawn Sears, also known as Shawn Judy, was charged with delivery following the search of the J Street residence, which is attached to the Auburn Inn Motel. A sheriff’s deputy surmised from Sears’ answers to questions about meth use that she is not an everyday user. The deputy told the court, therefore, the 7.4 grams found in her residence must be for distribution purposes.

She has pled not guilty and is scheduled for a court hearing Sept. 11.