SYRACUSE - The Syracuse City Council is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday with an agenda that includes revenue bonds for the electrical distribution system and municipal bonds for the parks.

A proposed ordinance would authorize issuance  of combined utilities revenue bonds for construction and improvements to the electrical distribution system.

A Municipal Improvement Bond is also up for discussion with the ordinance to read

 " An ordinance authorizing the issuance of municipal improvement bonds series 2024, of the city of Syracuse, NE in the principal amount of not to exceed $410,000.00 to pay the costs of constructing additions and improvements to the park facilities of the city. prescribing the form of said bonds making certain pledge, covenants, and agreements to secure  said bonds pledging funds to be received from local sales and use tax for payment of the bonds entering into a contract on behalf of the city with the holders of said bonds to the purchaser; providing for the disposition of the bond proceeds and ordering the ordinance published in pamphlet form."

Sonni Graves of the parks department is requesting approval to purchase a 2024 John Deere Gator at the cost of $16,500.

JEO is requesting a change order for Watts Electric CO. for $14,700  in regards to supplies.

 Photo: Bloom Have shares look at new work space on Facebook

Bloom Haven L.L.C. owner Tammy Ingerson received a unanimous recommendation from the city's  planning commission  to proceed to the city council meeting with new language to the zoning code. The new municipal zoning code 2.02.54 for this property will read

"Boarding or rooming house shall mean a building or portion thereof that does not qualify as a one or two family dwelling, that provides sleeping accommodations for not more that 16 people on a transient basis, without personal care services, with or without meals, but without separate cooking facilities for individual occupants.


This code can be found  under section boarding or rooming house.  This conditional use permit  pertains to Ingerson as the owner, operator of this current business and is not transferable.

Ingerson plans to host quilt retreats with no more than 16 people spending about four to five nights per retreat.

Unite Private Networks is seeking approval to use city right of way to lay fiber to the Good Samaritan Center located at 1622 Walnut St. and Farm Services Agency at 988 11th St. in Syracuse

LARM will be presenting a property insurance renewal, including workman's comp package to the mayor and city council members for their approval at an approximate cost of $102,700 depending on the package and the years of commitment.