KIMBALL -- Kimball High School girls have the chance to play on a softball team this fall. 

Kimball High School and Gering High School will be entering into a two-year cooperative agreement for Girls Softball starting this fall. 

Activities Director Darrell Howitt says this coop will allow Kimball girls interested in softball to play on the Gering team. It is the first time Kimball has entered into an agreement like this. 

It is not uncommon for small communities to collaborate with bigger communities to offer additional sports.

“The bigger schools can offer things the smaller schools can’t,” Howitt says. “It is offered for sports like swimming or soccer – a few of those sports that aren’t as common.” 

This is a big deal for Kimball because they have never had a softball team before. The agreement will start out at two years to see if it is successful for both schools.