NEBRASKA CITY - The Kimmel Gallery at the Morton-James Public Library in Nebraska  City is hosting the art of Susan Moore through July 31.

Moore, who lives in Nebraska City and teaches fine arts at Peru State College, said her collection titled “Sumptuous Indulgence” is a translation of the anticipation of the first bite and fleeting sensations.

Here is the library’s press release

“Sumptuous Indulgence” Treats on Display in Morton-James Library Gallery

“I am an artist. I translate the temporal delight of food into the more enduring satisfaction of painting.

The experiences associated with food. Enjoyment begins with the anticipation and expectations of that first bite, then through the dissection of experiences and sensations of indulgence. This complex experience is deliberately and carefully crafted. This experience is ephemeral and intimate. The chocolatier devotes considerable time and attention to their craft. The first bite of the morsel is much like opening a carefully crafted and wrapped present.  There is the universal understanding of the mouthfeel of a cream filled chocolate, but that sensation is fleeting….” from Susan Moore’s Artist Statement

Iowa native, Susan Moore, practices the Arts of painting and drawing. Receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Iowa State University and her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas. Moore has a consistent stream of community engagement through artist events, galleries, and shows. Her most recent shows are throughout the Iowa and Nebraska area, including the Stanford Art Museum and Planetarium, The Greenfield Opera House, and The Stalder Gallery. Moore connects to the community and encourages the growth of new and upcoming artists in the area through guest judging in county level art fairs and shows, as well as serving on various committees and artist panels in the Nebraska area. Moore’s passion for connecting art in the community is rooted in her passion for creation.

Moore’s artwork focuses on hyperrealism through mediums of oil, acrylic, and watercolor; while presenting the subtle sensations of indulgence. Moore utilizes the complex tools of color and composition to create works which magnify the viewers memories of taste, texture, and aroma. Moore’s work has been showcased and awarded throughout the states as well as abroad through art partnerships, solo exhibitions, group events, juried competitions, non-profit organization events, and community events.

Moore is settled in the Nebraska City area with her four children. Susan Moore is tenure track Associate Professor at Peru State College, teaching the area of Fine Arts. Moore further engages with local and national artists as the director of the Peru State College Gallery. Moore continues her lifelong study of art as well as enhancing the outreach of the Arts.

Sumptuous Indulgence” will be on display in the Kimmel Gallery located on lower level of the Morton-James Public Library from July 5 to July 31. Library hours Monday through Thursday are 9-6; Friday 9-5 and Saturdays 9-1. The Library is located at 923 1st Corso. 402-873-5609.