AUBURN - A district judge in Nemaha County has ruled that a self-defense claim by Guadalupe Delacruz will make the narrative around the manslaughter death of Corey Miller in Sidney, Iowa, admissible at Delacruz’s trial.

Delacruz, 60, is accused of firing shots and injuring Mark Dupre at a Peru residence.

Dupre was later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison for the 2023 death of Corey Miller. In the Iowa case, prosecutors contended that Dupre used social media to lure Miller to his property, where the attack took place.

In the 2022 Nebraska case, investigators say Delacruz entered Dupre's property to complain about loud music and fired shots.

Charges against Delacruz also include injury to Cody Hankins at the Peru residence.

A trial is scheduled today and Wednesday.