PERU – About a thousand acres of cropland are underwater near Peru, Neb., after rising water found its way onto lowland despite the R 562 agriculture levee.

Nemaha County Emergency Management Director Renee Critser said the levee had not been “100 percent” repaired following the 2019 flood disaster. She said there were low spots that allowed water into the protected side of the levee.


Critser said there is significant flooding over a portion of the 7,000 acres in the Peru bottom.

Flood waters have reached the north end of the City of Peru, but all the most flood-vulnerable residences in that area were moved out following the 2019 flood.


The city is now getting its drinking water from Auburn, so the flood is not a threat to the drinking water as it was in 2019.

Farmers had time to move their equipment from the lowlands. The agricultural levee R 562 is 7.8 miles. It connects the right bank of Camp Creek with the main levee about 1.2 miles east of Peru.

 Photo: The north and south 642 Avenue is about three miles west of the Missouri River

In 2019, there were eight breaches of the levee near the Peru Bottoms Wildlife Management Area.