NEBRASKA CITY - Preparations are underway in River Country for a rising Missouri River that is expected to crest just below major flood stage this week.

At Heartland Co-op at Nebraska City, crews Monday finished unloading a barge that had come upstream before the heavy rains caused flooding in northern Iowa. Fertilizer shipments continued to local farmers.

The company expects to have material out of harm’s way before the river reaches its forecasted crest.

at 19 feet, flooding occurring at Riverview Marina 


Atchison County Emergency Management says levee districts are currently recommending the removal of grain and equipment from the river bottom.

A Facebook post says levees are new and untested and are considered vulnerable.

The most critical time frame is expected to start today and go through July 1.

Flooding is expected to persist downstream of Nebraska City into early July.

Barge arrives at Nebraska City before flood threat

PLATTSMOUTH - The Missouri River is forecast to crest at 34.5 feet, just below the major flood level. At 33 feet, portions of Highway 34 and several county roads between the river and Interstate 29 will be closed due to flooding. Homes along the Nebraska side will be impacted.

The river is in minor flood today and will be in moderate flood stage by midnight Wednesday.

NEBRASKA CITY – The river is in minor flood stage at Nebraska City going over the 19 foot mark on Monday. It is forecast to crest at 25.2 feet on Thursday. The forecast would mean water would be .3 inches from Highway 2. Areas along north First Street in Nebraska City will flood at 23 feet. Agricultural impacts will intensify.

BROWNVILLE – The river is forecast to crest at 42.5 feet, just below major flood stage.  A portion of a federal levee along the Missouri River will be near overtopping at 43 feet. The parking lot and boat ramp south of Highway 136 will be under water.