Pressley Wilhelm and Natalee Wemhoff

SYRACUSE - The sixth season has begun.

In 2018 Father Michael Stec of Saint Paulinus Catholic Church, located at 476 Poplar St. in Syracuse, approached parishioner Marsha Sand regarding a fundraiser. That collaboration resulted in a fireworks stand.

Mrs. Sand reached out to another parishioner Amy Wemhoff, who had managed fireworks stands while in college. This was a perfect fit for Wemhoff.   The stand began in a small-car garage located on the church property.

 The first year the stand started small making $3,000 and followed up with 4,000 the next year. An inventory increase  helped sales go as high as $14,000 in year three.

In 2023 a new building was constructed on the property completed by donations of time and materials.

 Crazy Cracker and Wild Willy's have been a great supplier for the stand. Wemhoff says she loves shopping for the fireworks and seeing what's new to bring back to Syracuse.

2024 inventory will range from heavy artillery down to puppy and unicorn farts fountain fireworks.

Wemhoff: "The community has been a huge supporter of the fireworks stand.”

The proceeds from the fireworks stand help fund the CCD  program at the church.

Committee members include Marsha Sand, Amy Wemhoff, Barb Johnson, Sally Miller, Mary Nordheus, and Ali Umland