FALLS CITY - A Richardson County judge has scheduled a June 25 disposition regarding a last chance agreement with Jordan Lunsford, 33.

Lunsford was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony in February of 2022. In that case, Richardson County Sheriff’s Office investigators say Lunsford provided transportation to Topeka, Kan., where methamphetamine was purchased.

He also entered a plea in a problem-solving court to conspiracy in January in 2022.

A last chance agreement was made with the Southeast Nebraska Adult Drug court.

In a last chance acknowledgment,  Lunsford agreed to comply with bond conditions, turn in community service hours and agreed not to travel to or visit Richardson or Pawnee counties unless there were a medical emergency.

The acknowledgment says Lunsford tested positive for methamphetamine on March 18 after he had been arrested by the Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office on a possession charge.

Lunsford is currently scheduled for drug court orientation in Nemaha County on June 25.

Nemaha County court records say a Nebraska State Trooper assisted with a  probation search at Lunsford’s apartment in Auburn on March 17, where meth residue was found in two hollow writing pens.