FALLS CITY – Steven Dillard, 35, of Aurora, Colo., was fined $1,000 for possession of a deadly weapon and two years in prison for criminal impersonation on Aug. 16.

Richardson County sheriff’s deputies told the court that they investigated a report of a masked man holding a knife near a stranded vehicle on Highway 67. Deputies said it appeared a window had been broken, someone had taken a chain saw to the vehicle and poured a substance on it.

Deputies say Dillard initially gave them a false name, but later told them he had thought about lighting the car, which belonged to his wife, on fire. He instead broke the window and took the chain saw to it.

A knife with a 9 7/8 inch blade was found in the car, along with a gas mask.

He was also sentenced to six months for obstructing a peace officer and 14 days for contempt of court. Court records say Dillard's request for a continuance was denied, as was his request for a deferred sentence.