PLATTSMOUTH – Cass County voters favored incumbents Duane Murdoch and challenger Daniel Stohlman for county board. The Conestoga school bond appears to have passed and the Louisville bond issued failed among Cass County voters by 30 votes. Voter turnout was at a River Country high of 35 percent.

In District 4 county board, Stohlman prevailed over incumbent John Winkler with 53 percent of the vote. Stohlman received 84 percent of the vote in the Center Precinct and 72 percent in the South Weeping Water precinct.

Incumbent Duane Murdoch defeated Alan Miller with 61 percent of the vote. Murdoch received 89 percent of the vote in the Mount Pleasant precinct and 80 percent in Nehawka.

Cass County voters approved the Conestoga school bond 883 to 686. North Rock Bluff favored the bond by 61 percent and   South Plattsmouth by 70 percent.

The school is authorized to borrow up to $33 million to improve buildings in Nehawka and rural Murray, including technical education classroom, expanded life skills and secured entrances.

Cass County primary election results

U.S. President


Donald Trump, 3,399 (79 percent)

Nikki Haley, 759

Perry Johnson, 70


Joseph Biden, 1,199 (82 percent)

Dean Phillips, 215

US Congress


Mike Flood, 3,325 (75 percent)


Carol Blood, 1,271 (98 percent)

County commissioner Dist 4

John Winkler, 463

Daniel Stohlman, 535 (53 percent)

County commissioner Dist 5

Duane Murdoch, 688 (61 percent)

Alan Miller, 418

Plattsmouth school board (5)

Brian Harvey, 1,113

Keri Gradoville, 782

Ken Winters, 741

Amanda Timm, 523

Ralph Riedel, 459

Erin Anthony, 424

Jacqueline Miller Pearson, 394

Eric Landon, 374

Shawn Loontjer, 370

Britteny Landon, 362

Allyson Murcek, 286

Diane Even, 283

Conestoga school bond

For, 664; Against, 694 (51 percent)

Louisville school bond

For 664, against 694 (51 percent)