NEBRASKA CITY – First District state Legislature candidate Bob Hallstrom met with morning show host Ben Root on B103 FM  Monday.

Why have you decided to toss your hat into the ring?

Hallstrom: “It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks here in LuRae and I making a decision to put our hat in the ring, so to speak. In general, I’ve always had an interest. My senior law partner Brandt Bill Brandt from Unadilla had been in the Legislature  years ago and I’ve had an interest since that time in getting involved in politics.

“I think in general I want to make a difference in people’s lives. We have an opportunity to provide a strong voice for southeast Nebraska.

“We’ve had that with Julie Slama and others that have preceded her. I would like to take a moment to thank Sen. Slama for her representation of southeast Nebraska and wish her and her husband Andrew and the little boy Win the best in what ever their journeys take them in the future.

Other senators that we’ve had representing the first legislative district – Dan Watermeier, Lavon Heidemann, Floyd Vrtiska, Roger Wehrbein, Dave Pankonin, Wiley Remmers, I could go on – we’ve had a good, strong conservative voice in the Legislature on behalf of southeast Nebraska and I want to continue that tradition of conservative public service.”


Why the state Legislature?

Hallstrom: “I think I’ve been involved with my experience working with the Legislature. It’s just going to be a matter of changing jerseys, so to speak, and using my experience on behalf of southeast Nebraska. I believe it will be a natural transition for me. I’ve been advocating for my law clients for years and now will simply pivot and will be representing and advocating for the people in district number one.

“I know the process. I know the personalities. Most new members, most importantly, to the Legislature typically are seen as needing a two-year, four-year learning curve to figure out how the system works. I can hit the ground running. My experience should allow me to skip that  learning curve and get right down to business the first day I’m on the job, if the people elect me to serve on their behalf and serve as an effective conservative voice for southeast Nebraska.”

How long did it take you to become familiar with the Legislature’s process?

Hallstrom: “It’s a matter of integrity. It’s a matter of trust. People get to know  you. They know that your word is  your bond and that’s what makes you successful. Hopefully I’ve been successful in that part of my professional career and I can take those talents and that experience to be an effective advocate for the folks of southeast Nebraska.”

Why should people vote for Hallstrom as opposed to other candidates?

Hallstrom: “Basically, my positions are in alignment with the vast majority of folks in southeast Nebraska. Without question, and I’m just getting started out on the campaign trail, property taxes are the number one issue without question. The Legislature has done some really good things in the last year with regard to individual and corporate income tax rate reduction. They’ve provided additional funding for property tax relief. They’ve provided additional funding for education. I think those are all good starts, but from the outcry from the public, more needs to be done and I would look forward to working in that regard.”

Supportive of:

  • Small business
  • Public, private education
  • Parental rights
  • Pro-life
  • Pro Second Amendment

Hallstrom: “I believe in personal responsibility and limited government. I’m a free enterprise system-type of guy, but I also recognize and acknowledge that government has a role to play in protecting the most vulnerable and in providing essential services, such as public safety and roads.”