FALLS CITY – Economic Developer Lucas Froeschl says Nebraska can not fully take advantage of Falls City’s available workforce, its attractive industrial park and its unique location at the convergence point for two major railroad lines without an investment in electrical infrastructure.


The issue came to the forefront 15 years ago when Falls City was knocked out of contention for a state railroad improvement grant because a consultant noted that the southeast corner of Nebraska was nearing its electrical capacity.

Froeschl: “It hampers commercial, industrial and residential life here in Falls City, which is a function of our geographical location.

“…If you’re going after economic development opportunities, you know they need access to power and Falls City doesn’t have it.”


State Sen. Julie Slama got involved in 2022 and the state Legislature approved funds. Slama said the Falls City Economic Development and Growth Enterprise had secured options on more than 1,000 acres situated next to both the BNSF and Union Pacific rail lines.

Froeschl said the $15 million electrical upgrade will allow Falls City to pursue its proposed railroad campus.



Froeschl: “That is the investable future of the state to invest in the infrastructure needed for the economic development opportunity.”

“So, when we’re trying to attract investment opportunities, we can say ‘hey, we’ve got the workforce right here, they’re just traveling. Perhaps they are traveling to Kansas or Missouri or maybe neighboring Nemaha County for work. This is designed bring in the investments to create more jobs for the future outlook of the Falls City Industrial Park and future industrial development.”

Froeschl said the lack of electrical capacity is holding Nebraska’s railroad potential back and contributing to power outages.

Froeschl: “For generations to come this will take care of the issues that have hampered Falls City for just your basic daily needs for electricity.”

The deadline for Falls City to apply for the Site and Building Development Fund is March. 18.