When I say "hard (blank)", what comes to mind? Hard ball? Hard cider? Hard core? Hard Day's Night? If you can guess what pops into Ben's brain, you can take home $20 in Neb. Lottery Scratchers every "Match Me Monday" in the 7 o'clock hour of The Morning Show on B103! Listen closely in that hour to hear what blank needs to be filled and call the studio at 402/873-3842 to get on-air and play. If you match Ben's "fill in the blank" answer, you'll win those scratchers! You only get one guess, and we'll limit the weekly competition to three callers. If nobody wins, then we'll bump up the prize the following week by $10 in scratchers. See if you can get inside the mind of The Morning Show host with "Match Me Monday" on Today's Best Country, B103!