NEBRASKA CITY – The election sign outside of Timothy Morgan’s Central Avenue home still says “Not Blind to the Issues,” but Morgan said his wife Jill has come up with a new slogan for 2024 to represent what mayoral leadership can do.

Jill: “There’s another slogan that we now have, “Not Just a Living, But a Life.”

Morgan: “People can move to Nebraska City and just kind of live in it, but I want people to stay and help us build the community and make a life of Nebraska City.”


 Graph: 2020 results

The first time he ran for mayor in 2020, he felt as though the visually impaired where being shoved into a corner. He said Nebraska City is an excellent place for the state’s education center for the visually impaired and a good place for education in general, but said there are times when it seems that city leaders could do more to listen to citizens.

He said the downfall of the city right now is the transfer fee on the utilities to pay for the city’s housing development and increased rates for the swimming pool.

Morgan: “It’s going to hurt, you know, the low-income families. The other reason I’m kind of looking … I love Nebraska  City because everything is close together to get to, but the reason I got involved in the government, you know the election, I just felt like our city commissioners, our mayor, they say is their any more discussion? and I think they already had their mind set up.”

He said Nebraska City needs a mayor who is listening to the people right up the final vote on important topics.