HASTINGS, Neb. — Officials in Hastings are getting closer to implementing a plan to revamp Lake Hastings.

The city is teaming up with the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, Little Blue Natural Resources District, and the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy on the project. It’s hosting the third open house meeting on the topic on Tuesday evening.

Stormwater Technician Bryce Helms says the first steps of the project will involve the land that drains into the waterways that feed Lake Hastings. 

“You gotta start from outside of the lake and work with the filtration system, how the water gets into the lake," Helms said. "It’s cleaning itself, essentially, before it gets to the lake.”

Lake Hastings is classified as an impaired lake, and has been for nearly 20 years, because of high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen.

Helms says the project includes the implementation of better management practices to reduce the concerning chemical levels. He expects outreach efforts to begin in the winter.

The plan doesn’t include a full dredging of the lake, but parts of it could be dredged. 

Tuesday’s meeting is at the Hastings Airport from 4:00-6:00.