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AUBURN – Nemaha County commissioners heard from a poultry producer Wednesday about potential roadway improvements in the future, even as the county board set a public hearing for its current one and six-year road plan.

MBA Poultry is exploring expansion possibilities, including Nemaha County. County commissioners say the process is still in conceptual phase with big ticket items like water accessibility to be determined first.

There are no zoning regulations in rural Nemaha County, so companies do not need the county’s approval for land uses, but MBA Poultry visited with commissioners about a proposed site that would require engineering and upgrade of portions of a minimum maintenance dirt road into a state-classified rock road.

The county’s current one and six-year road plan lists 19 bridge projects with no road upgrades listed through 2027.

The county did participate in the upgrade of a county road for the turkey barns in 2018.

Board Chairman Mike Weiss said he welcomes agricultural expansion in Nemaha County and the new property taxes growth brings.

Golden Organic Broilers LLC of Plymouth, Neb., has four turkey barns near Brock and pays about $13,000 a year in taxes.

Merlyn and Lois Bender have a commercial chicken operation with six poultry houses near Humboldt and pay about $22,000 a year in property taxes.

The public hearing on the county's one and six-year road plan is scheduled for its next meeting.

Weiss and Commissioner Bryan Mellage said a comprehensive development plan and zoning could be beneficial for land owners.