FALLS CITY - The Richardson County Board voted to rescind a motion to reject all rock bids that had been received at its Dec. 27 meeting and reconsider a bid from a rock hauler out of Maitland, Mo.

Chairman John Caverzagie said state law requires counties to seek yearly rock bids. Richardson County typically hauls rock from DuBois, Neb., and Maitland, but Caverzagie said the DuBois bid came in too late for the Dec. 27 meeting.

Commissioners wondered, if they rejected all bids, could they then buy rock from wherever they wanted.

Caverzagie said commissioners noted the bid from the company out of Missouri was $5 a ton lower than a bid received from Dubois and lower than a bid from Troy, Kan.

He said the Missouri bid was $15 a ton and DuBois bid $20 a ton. Both figures are astonishing to Caverzagie, who is in his seventh year on the board.

Caverzagie: “When I first started, rock was about $8 a ton. It has more than doubled in six years. I understand labor and fuel price increases, we deal with that too, but that’s a pretty good increase.”

Draft meeting minutes say the county board will continue to review bids.

On a separate matter, the commissioners also met in executive session for 43 minutes Wednesday to discuss possible litigation.

Notice: This story was updated to clarify the term "accepted the bid." The county did not agree to a formal contract with a rock hauling company at Wednesday's meeting. "Accept the bid" in this sense means no longer rejecting all bids as the county had done Dec. 27.