The Nebraska City City Council is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. on Nov. 20.

The agenda includes the Nebraska City tree lighting, retirement of K9 Mack and a public hearing on using $115,876 for the flower basket and bumpouts program.

Also on the agenda is a a Rural Workforce Housing Fund developer loan application to purchase a lot and build a home at 1210 N. 12th St. in the amount of $345,000.

The flower basket and bumpout application seeks Nebraska City Growth Funds over four years:

  • 2024, $5,950
  • 2025, $33,785
  • 2026, $34,799
  • 2027, $35,843

The total project costs are listed at $215,631 with $21,000 contributed and $55,755 from the Wirth Foundation.

The application says the flower basket program creates 395 hours of jobs at $21.50 an hour for employees to plant, upkeep, water and maintain the project.

The application says the flower program supports retention of existing businesses and encourages new businesses, as well as assisting in the development of the region and improving life for area residents.

The proposal includes 23 creative district banners and 56 additional baskets. Flower baskets would be extended to cover the creative district. There would be a total of 166 flower baskets by 2025 and 43 bumpouts.

The Nebraska City Creative District’s 10-year strategic plan includes flower baskets and decorative poles, as well as the Veterans Memorial Building theater and kitchen. Maker space, building renovation, riverfront culture and downtown playscape.