MURRAY - Voters declined a school bond  issue  for the fourth consecutive election.

Voters had two propositions to chose from in Tuesday’s election and both were defeated.

Proposition A had a $39 million price tag for a multipurpose room, gymnasium and senior high renovations. It was defeated on a vote  of 737 in favor and 784 votes against.

Proposition B was for $6.2 million. It would renovate the existing elementary school building with an early childhood education center. It failed  on a vote of 686 in favor and 807 against.

According to a Cassgram report, a $29.5 million bond issue failed in 2022 with 50.4 percent of the voters against.

In a special election in 2021, a $33.6 million bond issued failed with 51.3 percent of voters against it.

In the year prior, a $15.2 million bond question failed with 627 in favor and 640 against.