BROWNVILLE – The remaining three members of the Brownville Village Board voted to fill one of two seats left vacant by a successful recall election in October.

Board Chairman Martin Hayes said he received only one letter asking to fill seats formerly held by recalled trustees Natisha Helmick-Winkelman and Terry Vice.

Colleen Volkmer signed a letter dated Nov. 1 asking the village board to consider her to fill the remainder of a three-year term.

With the recall of two trustees this fall, Chairman Hayes is the only elected official remaining the board. Trustee Jamie Smith was appointed in June and Carol Furnas was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Bailey Bindle after the recall election had been scheduled.

One seat remains open on the village board.

After the meeting some residents said there have been verbal offers to serve on the board. The village has posted a notification at city hall asking for names to be dropped in the suggestion box.

The board also voted to purchase a new pickup for snow removal.

Although the meeting agenda said there would be no public comment, there was discussion from residents who suggested seeking bids on private snow removal before making a decision on the pickup. When vice chairman Smith moved to go ahead with the pickup, a resident referenced the recent recall and implied that additional recalls could be initiated.

Volkmer is invited to take the oath of office at Brownville’s next village board meeting.