NEBRASKA CITY – Retailers are on the lookout for fraudulent checks after five stores in Nebraska City were ripped off on Oct. 4.

Police say Solutions Computer Sales reported that a man wrote a check on a Farm Hands Inc. account and left with a $752 laptop.

Nebraska City Police Cpt. Lonnie Neeman went door to door on Central Avenue to investigate and learned that Lant’s Hardware had taken a $1,690 check from the man. The Fort western store in Nebraska City reported a fraudulent check of $1,397 and Brown’s Shoe Fit lost $424. Bomgaars in Nebraska City reports a $1,005 check.

Cpt. Neeman said other retailers in Nebraska City may have also been victimized, but information has not been provided to him by check protection services.

Gage County has filed a bad check charge against William J. Bullock, 40, of Omaha or Harlan, Iowa, alleging a $7,846 check to Lampton Welding Supply Co. in June.

Sarpy County alleges a $452 check to a Fort Crook Road retailer in August. Sarpy County has filed a failure to appear charge against Bullock, on Sept. 28.

A Sarpy County issued an arrest warrant Oct. 19 for Bullock alleging felony theft. An affidavit says Enterprise Inc. on Frontier Road reports checks of  $1,620 and $780.

Officers say retailers took down Bullock’s driver license number when accepting the checks.