NEBRASKA CITY - Nebraskans will be setting their clocks back an hour on Sunday, Nov. 5, but a state senator is continuing his campaign to bring the “fall back” practice to an end.

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on Nov. 5, so most Nebraskans set their clocks back on Saturday night. It’s a practice that State Sen. Tom Briese says is widely unpopular and unproductive.

His bill, LB134, would make Daylight Savings Time permanent when the federal government allows states to do so and when three neighboring states had enacted similar legislation.

Sen. Briese of Albion notes that 19 states have already done so, including neighboring Colorado and Wyoming.

He said a permanent Daylight Savings Time will benefit parents trying to get their kids to school and medical patients who rely on a regular medication schedule, while boosting productivity and the Nebraska economy.