Update: The Otoe County Sheriff's Office reports a pedestrian fatality Friday near Palmyra involving an 81-year-old Springfield man.

A sheriff's office press release says a trailer carrying farm equipment was being disconnected from a dump truck as Charles Scholting was removing "oversized load" signs from the front of the truck. Unaware that Scholting was in front of the truck, the driver pulled away from the trailer and the truck ran over Scholting.


NEBRASKA CITY – There were emergency responses Friday morning to pedestrian accidents near a  Sapp Bros Truck Stop parking lot in Percival, Iowa, and a farm field near Palmyra.

A medical helicopter arrived at the Iowa accident after 8:23 a.m., but there was no emergency transport as 65-year-old Debora Lee Turbett of Lexington, N.C., was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators say a freight truck was leaving a parking lot and fueling area when it struck the woman as she walked west across the street. Sun glare may have contributed to the accident.

Douglas and Palmyra Fire and Rescue were dispatched at 9:24 a.m. south of Highway 2 on County Road 4.

The Otoe County Sheriff’s Office says a man had removed a “wide load” sign from the front of a grain truck while a trailer was being disconnected as part of agricultural operation. When the truck moved forward, the man was fatally wounded.