FALLS CITY - The Falls City school board expects a 5 percent growth in the general operations budget. Property values increased by 15 percent from $958 million to $1.1 billion and the tax request is $8.8 million.

A school press release says the tax request is $910,144 less than the previous year because of increased funding from the state.

The school is showing increased enrollment as of Sept. 11 with 830 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The largest class is the fourth grade with 69 students.

2022 school district valuations

Pawnee City 352,871,041

Weeping Water 412,443,441

Johnson-Brock 465,850,857

Palmyra 664,899,720

Auburn 676,659,802

Johnson County Central 759,977,776

HTRS 826,042,063

Syracuse 912,951,598

Conestoga 955,524,788

Falls City,  957,731,268

Plattsmouth 1,006,088,966

Nebraska  City 1,028,902,129

Other school districts

Elkhorn 8,552,750,045

Grand Island 3,960,290,669

Fremont 3,082,438,153