NEBRASKA CITY – Ralph Spidell, 37, of Nebraska City is charged in Otoe County with felony stalking and domestic assault on Sept. 11.

An arrest affidavit says police were called to a Fifth Corso residence where a woman said Spidell punched out a window of the house and crawled through. She said she fled the house and, once outside, yelled for someone to dial 911.

The court issued a protection order against Spidell in August after a woman complained of 46 unanswered calls to her on Aug. 26 and over 50 texts that prompted a Google automatic response with a message not to call, text or e-mail any further. The woman complained of over 100 calls Aug. 28.

Nebraska City EMS responded to the Fifth  Corso residence Sept. 11 to treat Spidell for cuts to his arms and legs.