Sheriff Caudill could not stress enough at Wednesday night's city council meeting that the community of Syracuse needs to keep their homes and cars locked. There was a rash of car burglaries, in which all the cars had been left unlocked.

"We live in a small community next to 2 busy highways",  Caudill said, "the residents are unaware of who travels through our community."  All property was recovered within a day with the exception of a laptop. Caudill commended the deputies and investigators on the case.

 The interlocal contract between the city and the Otoe County Sheriff's office was tabled at this time.

Toni Carroll was  approved as a new member to the Syracuse Rescue Squad.

Tara Eden was hired on as the new utility billing clerk.

The Syracuse pool bond has been officially paid off.

18 diagonal car stalls will help with parking at Williams park which will also benefit overflow parking from the High School. The stalls are being placed north of the Aqua Center at a cost of $49,720. Also in the Parks department news,  three trees will be removed in Williams park by JC DIRTWORK LLC at a cost of  $9,600..

WJH won the bid of  $6,000 to put a loft into the maintenance shed , this will clear up floor space. for much larger items.

Jeff Vogt of the Public works dept. put in a request for a Tek vacuum trailer for $93,404 to be spread over 2 budget periods.  Councilman Patton said "this is for safety and liability , it's a no brainer" The purchase was approved. The purchase of a backhoe has been tabled 

The final plat between the city of Syracuse and the Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca school district has been completed and approved.

The Morgan Hallstrom Volleyball courts will be dedicated during a volleyball tournament during Germanfest weekend. 

Several properties around Syracuse will head to county court for multiple violations.