BROWNVILLE – The Village of Brownville accepted water and wastewater operator agreements that a board member says makes an October recall election a moot point.

Five-year contracts were signed Aug. 24 for Board Member Natisha Helmick-Winkelman and contractor Aaron Davis.  Duties outlined in the contracts include sampling water and making adjustments to chlorine levels at the water tower, as well as responding to alarms and emergency calls. Davis has been assisting the village with water operations without charge, but is contracted for $50 an hour in the new agreement. Helmick-Winkelman is contracted for $15 an hour.

Helmick-Winkelman contends that she is the primary target of the recall petition, although board member Terry Vice will also be listed on an Oct. 10 recall ballot.

She says there is opposition to the village moving away from the Auburn Board of Public Works as its water operator and contends there is opposition to a female in the role of water operator. She said the new contracts mean, even if she is recalled, a female will continue in the role of water operator.

Helmick-Winkelman said the village has saved thousands of dollars in water management since departing from the Auburn Board of Public Works,  but the recall election is costing the village at least $1,500.