AUBURN – The recall election for the Brownville Village Board  is scheduled Oct. 10, but will be different than expected.

Trustee Bailey Bindle was listed along with board members Natisha Helmick-Winkelman and Terry Vice in a recall petition, but Bindle has resigned.

She said she made the decision Aug. 24  after accepting a new job. She had been working an in-home job, but said her new position will require her to travel in the coming months and will take a great deal of her time and attention.

Bindle said the community has been supportive and collaborative over the her term, which expires in December.

Bindle: “I’ve appreciated the community letting me in and be a part of the different organizations that are ultimately helping the village thrive – the village theater, the Brownville Concert Series and Merchants of Brownville. There’s been a lot of start-up businesses, the town looks different than when I started.”

Bindle has also been a leader in developing the village website and says she  hopes to continue to help out from the sidelines toward completion of that project.

Her name will not be on election ballots that will be mailed out beginning Sept. 18.

The ballot question for each remaining trustee will be shall the elected official be removed from the Office of Trustee on the board of trustees of the Village of Brownville?

Filled out ballots must be submitted to the clerk’s office no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 10.

The deadline to register to vote is Friday, Sept. 22, or in person by Friday, Sept. 29.

In 2022, Joshua Russell, Martin Hayes and Natisha Winkelman were elected with 133 votes cast. Joshua Russell resigned earlier. Bindle’s resignation leaves Mayor Martin Hayes, Helmick-Winkelman, Vice and James Smith. With Bindle no longer on the board, the recall election no longer has potential to impact a board majority.

The board expects to appoint a new member at its Sept. 7 meeting at 6:30 p.m.