B103 staff celebrates free corn on the cob

WEEPING WATER – One Life Church in Plattsmouth put its new smoker to work at the Cass County fair where 1,200 ears of smoked corn were handed out.

The church got into the roasted corn spirit at the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival seven years ago and was handing out ears at the county fair by 2017.



Roaster Adam Hamilton said he smokes between 50 and 75 ears at a time with a fresh batch every two hours. He said it has become a church tradition.

Hamilton: “When the church started, the pastors like ‘we’re going to do smoked corn at the fair’ and this is our newer smoker. When they started out they had two smokers and they were smaller.”

He said the secret to good smoked corn is soaking the ears in water for three hours prior and keeping the temperatures around 300 degrees. Lots of butter helps too.