NEBRASKA CITY – A 2021 Nebraska City High School graduate who wore a kilt while training in his hometown has received a rare offer to compete in the World’s Strongest U23 in Scotland this winter.

Wyatt Roberts, 20, finished 24th in the United States Strongman Nationals in June in the heaviest weight category, but says the Scotland trip will be the biggest competition of his young career.

He is currently training in South Dakota with  Coach Travis Ortmayer to build muscular endurance.

The Scotland event begins Nov. 4 with a variety of feats that measure the speed and repetition.

  • 100 kg log press
  • Axle bar dead lift
  • Thor’s hammer hold
  • 255-pound shield carry
  • 265-pound Atlas stones lifted over a 50-inch platform

Roberts said he’s excited about all the events. He said he tends to do better at loading style events like the Atlas stone.

His training includes lifting weights four days a week and a high-intensity cardio workout in the gym six days a week.

Roberts said most of the competitors headed to Scotland earned a spot by winning a qualifying competition somewhere in the world, but he was given a rare invitation.

Roberts said he started wearing the kilt after his dad gave it to him as a gag gift. He said he just kept wearing it until he outgrew it.

You can follow Roberts on Instagram at NCkiltman_strongman.