SIDNEY, IA --  Annie Hensley of Crafty Chick and Tasty Treats in Sidney, Iowa, is the Fremont County Fair’s ugly cake champion.

Her cake sculpture of the fair queen was the people’s choice in the open class adult division and Katie Howe won the student division.


 June Bug

Bakers Leslie Brooks and Michelle Beard devised the contest as a way to encourage more people to enter into open class.

Brooks: “We were  hoping that we could get people to submit literally the ugliest cake they could make and we got five entries and they nailed it.”

Howe said she was convinced to enter by the ladies in the open class building.


Howe: “It’s basically just two tiers of vanilla cake, but I put them on sidewise and then I covered it in blue frosting and sprinkles and put on a bunch of candles all over the place. I think it looks pretty ugly.  I wouldn’t want it as my birthday cake.”

Brooks: “Michelle’s was too cute. Princess cake, she’s rather scary. Skillet cake – I won’t say what I said off camera because it’s kind of gross. The melting birthday cake,  yeah, it’s pretty bad. The one that’s not a decorated ugly cake, I’m not really sure what’s going on with it but it kind of looks like fungus.”

Brooks said all the entries were fabulous and she is hoping for some exciting upgrades to next year’s ugly cake contest.