FALLS CITY – The Richardson County Sheriff’s Office reports a multi-state investigation into the theft of catalytic converters that led to 24 arrest warrants for six individuals.

A press release says deputies spent hundred of hours on the investigation and assembled over 600 pages of documentation of thefts between Oct. 4, 2022 and Dec. 8, 2022.

The sheriff says at least 18 catalytic converters and three trucks were stolen in the Falls City area.

Here is the sheriff's press release

Over the last several months the Richardson County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a series of thefts that occurred within the City of Falls City and rural Richardson County.

The thefts occurred between October 4, 2022 and December 8, 2022. During the investigation, deputies conducted numerous interviews and traveled as far away as Jefferson City, Missouri. Hundreds of hours were spent on this investigation.

The report documenting this case is over 600 pages.

As a result, deputies were able to identify a group that primarily targeted catalytic converters and pickups.

The group committed numerous thefts around northwest Missouri and the surrounding area, including Richardson and Nemaha Counties.

While not a substantial number in the grand scheme, it was determined that the group cut off and stole at least 18 catalytic converters in and around Falls City. They also stole 3 trucks, two of which were from rural Richardson County. The estimated total for the trucks and all catalytic converters was $153,261.

One individual had to spend over $20,000 to replace catalytic converters on their vehicles.

Fortunately, all three vehicles have been recovered.

The investigation resulted in 24 arrest warrants for 6 individuals. See attached for suspects and their charges.

We would like to thank the citizens that assisted with this case as well as the St. Joseph Police Department, Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office, Holt County, MO Sheriff’s Office, Kansas City, MO Police Department, and Lincoln Police Department Forensic Identification Unit.