AUBURN, Neb. – A southeast Nebraska man accused of holding a woman against her will and threatening to kill her and her dogs will remain in custody until his court hearing next month.

Unable to post 10 percent of $25,000 bond, 30-year-old Jude Pinzino will remain behind bars prior to his June 13 hearing.

Pinzino was initially apprehended in Atchison County, Missouri, approximately two miles from his Brownville home, on May 16.

A woman stated that Pinzino had held her against her will since the previous night. She stated that he had drunk a large amount of Black Velvet alcohol and became violent, threatening to kill her and her dogs.

She alleged that he cut himself and then threw her around the house, causing his blood to be all over the house.

Pinzino was accused of choking the woman with his hand three times over the course of the night and shooting a hole in the bedroom wall with a .22 handgun.

Approximately nine hours after the incident started, Pinzino allegedly told the woman that “the demon was gone” and that it wasn’t him doing those things.

Pinzino faces felony charges of assault by strangulation, first-degree false imprisonment, and terroristic threats.