FALLS CITY – Mariann Flores of Stella is the first of four co-defendants to be sentenced to a term of probation following a prison sentence for 55-year-old Joseph Roberts.

The Richardson County Sheriffs’ Office served a no-knock search warrant in Stella on July 5 and says a pipe with methamphetamine residue was found in Flores’ pocket.

Methamphetamine weighing 1.52 grams was found on tray on a bed and meth residue was found on a scale.

An affidavit says one baggie of meth weighed 2.32 grams and another weighed 2.29 grams. There were 13 new methamphetamine pipes, three pipes with residue, a machete, Samurai sword and black powder handgun also found.

The judge denied Flores’ request for a deferred sentence.

 Roberts, 55, of Auburn was sentenced to two to four years in prison for delivery.

Co-defendant Noel Johnson, 73, is scheduled for a June 13 court hearing. He is charged with delivery and possession of a deadly weapon. The state attorney general’s office has been appointed as special prosecutors.

Co-defendant Yvonne Williams, 47, of Auburn is scheduled for entry of plea on June 14.