SYRACUSE – At Wednesday night's Syracuse City Council meeting, Sheriff Colin Caudill presented expenses to the council and Mayor Deb Dettmer regarding the interlocal agreement.

Explaining the cost of everything has gone up since pandemic, he said a pre-Covid car was $29,000, but today cost $42,000.

Caudill stated graduation was quiet, there was an influx of patrol cars and a helicopter to search for someone in mental crisis.  There was a dog bite reported at 10th and Park Street, the black Rottweiler with a black collar has not been seen since. The department  will continue to keep an eye out for it.

Mayor Dettmer declared May 21st - 27th EMS week. The mayor read the proclamation and thanked the Syracuse Rescue Squad for their service.

Tim Wilson President of the Syracuse Rescue squad reported to the city council last month concerns with their billing company that had been using.  Gathering further data and sharing with council, it was voted to terminate Quick Med Claims Billing services immediately.  One Billing Solutions will be taking over the services.

Keith McWilliams Syracuse Fire chief presented estimates to replace eight pair of fire boots at the cost of $500 - $550 per pair.  Also, McWilliams asked for a street closing on June 19th at 8 a.m. at 1st and Plum Street to do hose testing.  Both items were granted.

Sonnie Graves of the parks department reported the water fountain at the dog park has been installed and should be in working order next week. A fence is being placed around the sand volleyball courts and Wyatt Higgins and Nate Patton are working on a landscaping project in Williams Park.

The bridge located at 1st and Walnut Street is on the Otoe County Roads Department schedule for replacement. The City of Syracuse and the roads department came to an agreement. The city would pay for the cost of the bridge at $50,000 and the county  would take on the construction.  During construction the public can access the burn pile by using the north entrance of the sports complex and exiting the south entrance.

The Street Department room located at 578 and Mohawk will go out for bids at an estimated cost of $39,000.

Justin Stark, city engineer. will be getting bids for the low water crossing at 11th  Street. The estimated cost will be $300,000.

 The mayor and council applauded Ron and Barb Zahn as The final plat of the Zahn Meadows development was passed. The infrastructure to phases 2, 3, and 4 can begin.

Updated cost information was presented to city council from Papillion Sanitation for the upcoming contract renewal.

The plating of Williams Park on the north end has been completed, the remainder of Williams Park from 17th Street to Midland St. will also be surveyed.

New Business:  a permit was granted to place a sign at 366 Poplar Street  for the Otoe County Museum.

Shalene Pearson was given $5,00 towards a fence and electrical work from the ARPA funds for her daycare.

The second annual main street wrestling dual was given the go ahead. Zac Woods of the Syracuse Mat Club requested 5th Street to be closed on August 6th from 4 - 10 p.m. to conduct a wrestling dual, food trucks, and beverages served by the Beer Stein will be available.