NEBRASKA CITY – Otoe County prosecutors are no longer pursuing criminal charges against para-educators in a Nebraska City life skills class where there have been allegations of abuse against a student.

A misdemeanor charge against a para-educator was dismissed after she completed an awareness class regarding children with disabilities.

Otoe County Attorney Jennifer Panko-Rahe said it would have been difficult to prove any criminal intent and said she has offered the same deal to another para-educator.

Panko-Rahe maintains that there were inappropriate things happening in the life skills class. An audio recording was made by the student and the school provided video taken from a gym camera.

Panko-Rahe said  "terribly mean" things were said to the student.

She said it appears to her that balls or other items were deliberately thrown at the student after he had been removed from the gym activity and was walking lines.

Panko-Rahe would not say whether her decision to drop charges against the para-educators will have an impact on her charges against the life skills teacher. She said that case has not been resolved.