LINCOLN - Speaking with the media on Tuesday, Georgia Tech transfer quarterback Jeff Sims said the cold weather at Nebraska’s spring practice has been a shock for him, but an opportunity to grow in toughness.

Sims: "They just want to see if the team can handle being in tough situations. I think for us the biggest thing is overcoming challenges. I don’t know about you all, but I look at the cold as a challenge, so just being out there and fighting through that is something that builds toughness in us and changes our mindset on how we look at things.”

He said the players are learning the offense well.

Sims: “The biggest thing I like about the offense is how when we get a lot of stuff thrown at us, we just handle it. We don’t complain. We don’t pout. We just go out there and do it.”

Casey Thompson, last year’s starter at quarterback, has not been throwing in spring drills while recovering from injury, but Sims says he has been involved and encouraging.

Sims said he hopes the competition for quarterback brings out the best in him.

Sims: “We have motto on this team and that’s to get one better every day. It would be successful if all of us can get 1 percent better each day, just go out there and fight every day and improve things we need to work on.”

Sims credited the offensive line for run blocking and pass protection.