FALLS CITY – Rural Water District 2 has agreed to re-install a portion of water line to meet county regulations.

A draft of meeting minutes says a water line that was placed near a drainage culvert is not in compliance.

Paul Benitz and Gayle Swisegood of the water district told commissioners the line would be re-installed, but not before a May 1 deadline.

The water district is reviewing the matter with a contractor and plans to report back to the county.

In other action, commissioners opened bids for the Rulo county shop.

  • Mezger Construction of Table Rock bid $113,265 for a steel building or $92,860 for a wood frame
  • Conn Construction of Auburn bid $172,850 for a steel building
  • Skyline Construction of Roca bid $198,795 for a steel building

Commissioners directed the highway superintendent to review the bids.