LINCOLN  - An Associated Press report includes descriptions of State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh’s filibuster over gender identity as heroic, but State Sen. Julie Slama says some of the protracted talk goes too far.

The AP story says only 26 bills have advanced from the first round of debate in the past three weeks due to  a filibuster campaign by Sen. Cavanaugh.

The Omaha senator pledged protracted discussion on every bill because a bill that would ban trans people from using bathrooms and locker rooms or playing on sports teams that do not align with the gender listed on birth certificates.

At Wednesday’s halfway point of the 90-day session, not a single bill will have passed due to the filibustering.

Sen. Julie Slama tweeted Wednesday her motion to censure Sen. Cavanaugh for her comments.


Slama tweeted that Cavanaugh compared a bill to protect girls sports to genocide.

Slama: “Today’s action is not something I take lightly, but I refuse to sit silently while Sen. Cavanaugh compares a bill protecting girls sports to the horrific mass execution of millions of people.”

Slama’s LB92, which would eliminate the requirement of onsite reviews for title insurance, was scheduled today, as well as her bill to adopt federal law regarding banking and finance.

Slama said she agrees with the decision to continue debate on bills today, but tweeted that the speaker could bring up the censure motion for a vote at a later time.