NEBRASKA CITY - Nebraska City Crime Stoppers has not had a meeting quorum since October and president Mark Kattelman posed a question to city commissioners Monday about whether there is still a need for the organization.

Kattelman: “If the city wants crime stoppers to continue, we need help.”

Crime Stoppers started in 1983 with a widely-publicized confidential tip line, but  membership has dropped from 11 prior to the social distancing of the pandemic to just three at Tuesday's meeting.

Crime Stoppers have recently provided students at Nebraska City schools with refrigerator magnets and held an “egg your house” fundraiser. Meetings typically involve Police Captain Lonnie Neeman reviewing a crime of the month.

Kattelman said Crime Stoppers’ name still remains its primary mission.

Kattelman: “If criminals know that people are watching, paying more attention to them, they are probably less likely to commit crimes.”

Crime Stoppers currently meet at city hall at noon on the first Tuesday of the month, but dates and times could change depending on member schedules. The board’s bylaws call for at least seven members.

Kattelman said Crime Stoppers are open to new ideas.

Kattelman: “There are ways we could be more proactive in the community and help to stop crime before it happens. Or, at least, make criminals think twice.”

City commissioners encouraged Crime Stoppers to seek new members rather than dissolving.