AUBURN - Minutes of the Auburn Board of Public Works meeting on Jan. 18 indicate opposition to changes in the wellhead protection ordinance that would require the Auburn water utility to have a part in the permit process for new wells.

The minutes say multiple people approached the board about concerns with an amendment to the ordinance.

Minutes from the March meeting say Jane Andrew did not address the board as expected.

In January, two dozen water rights advocates attended a city council meeting, where utility manager Dave Hunter said the amendment would give the board of public works an additional tool to help ensure the citizens of Auburn have safe drinking water now and into the future.

The utility board formed a Wellhead Protection Committee to meet with the city council regarding data and public concerns. The committee is comprised of Michael Zaruba, Rich Wilson and wastewater manager Alan Slater.

 In other action, Steve Woerth of the Brownville Creative District told the board about the development of a welcome center for southeast Nebraska.

He asked the board to waive electricity costs to the building to help the welcome center control operational costs. The request was tabled.

The March minutes say the creative district's request died for a lack of a motion.