PAWNEE CITY – A Pawnee City man was sentenced to two years probation for theft, willful reckless driving and criminal trespass in what a sheriff's deputy described as a “run of many criminal offenses” on May 2.

Kenneth Berry, 59, was apprehended while he slept in a pickup truck.

Prior to that, court records say, officers were investigating reports of eggs thrown at a house, a confrontation with a garage mechanic, reckless driving in Table Rock, and cars damaged in the Alphia parking lot.

An arrest affidavit says Richardson and Pawnee counties deputies went to Berry’s residence and say he threatened them with a shotgun and escaped.

Residents near Pawnee City told investigators someone had pounded on their doors and windows and one resident said a man was inside a house looking for clothes to wear.

Charges of assault against Berry were dropped in a plea agreement.